Sunday, 24 June 2012

Maths Curriculum Makeover

Maths Curriculum makeover by Dan Meyer

5 Symptoms that 'doing' maths is wrong according to Dan meyer

  1. lack of initiative
  2. lack perseverance (expect problems to be solved immediately)
  3. Lack of Retention
  4. Aversion to word problem
  5. Eagerness for formula - lack the ability to diagnose a problem or decode information given to suit context

Points to Ponder

  1. 'Teach students the Maths of Reasoning and the Patience to solve a problem'. How critical is this in Mathematics learning and application?
  2. 'The formulation of a problem is more often more important than its solution, which may be a matter of mathematical or experimental skills.' Albert Einstein ---- How true is this
  3. Dan Meyer states that 'the application of the maths processes of the world around us is essential but also very difficult to teach'. Do you support his argument?

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